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„Dęby pamięci…”

On 11th of April in our school there was a celebration “Dęby pamięci. Katyń – ocalić od zapomnienia…”. Teachers and students prepared a performance about the Polish Officers who were murdered in Katyń in 1940. In our school beautiful decorations and boards were prepared to commemorate the memory of five of them.

Chaplain LT. COL. Józef Panaś

fot. D.H.


LT. COL. Jan Pelczar

MAJ  Jan Osiński

LT. Mieczysław Osiński

Police Officer Franciszek Guzek

They have their roots in Odrzykoń.

On 10th of April 2010 96 politicians and people that played animportant role in our country died in a plane crash. We also mentioned them and commemorated the deceased with a minute’s  silence. 

The invited guests were crying and they were interested in the words, songs and poems that we prepared for this occasion. It lookedbeautiful. Girls had white shirts, dark blue skirts or dresses and red poppies pinned in their hair and boys wore military uniforms or white shirts and black trousers.

fot. D.H.

Near our school stands a  monument that commemorates  these five victims.

I have a big pleasure to invite you for our performance: the same songs, poems and words. The Visitors thought that we were fantastic and they want to show us to other people :) .  you will probably see us on 21stApril in Odrzykoń but it isn’t certain. When I gain more information, I will write J. 


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