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Czasami moja kreatywność przechodzi samą siebie i nie idzie ogarnąć wszystkich pomysłów. Wtedy wszystko wychodzi, z wszystkiego coś się zrobić da i na wszystko jest pomysł. Chciałoby się, żeby tak było zawsze. Aktualnie mam blokadę twórczą i nic, zupełnie nic nie jestem w stanie wymyślić. Wszystko już było, albo nie jest wystarczająco ciekawe… Nie mam cierpliwości i weny, żeby siedzieć godzinami przy płótnie, albo z maszyną… Zero zdjęć, zero szycia, zero malowania… Nawet szkicy! Liczyłam na to, że kiedy pojawi się nowy sprzęt, coś zaskoczy, będzie jakiś impuls. No i tak… wyprowadziłam się w pole…. dosłownie i w przenośni. I powstało kilka zdjęć, które może i nie zaskakują kreatywnością i nie są nowością, ale są :) Może wreszcie któregoś dnia wstanę rano pełna inspiracji ! Wtedy wrócę z kolejnym obrazem, albo serią zdjęć :)

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Badminton is one of many unpopular but very interesting game. Have you ever played it? I think that most of readers would answer : “No”. I practise  this sport every Friday and I have to tell you that it’s a relaxing game.

Badminton requires thinking from a player. You should observe your rival to win. You have to know the rules because they’re needful. You can lose points when you serve from the wrong part of the  field and you have to look at lines. In addition to it, in this game you use rackets and aileron. You need to use a lot of energy when hitting an aileron ;) .

I have been playing badminton since 2011 but I played it earlier as well. These days I play this game once a week.

the majority of people think that badminton is an easy game and that you need to just bounce an aileron to the other side of the field. It isn’t true! I spend two hours playing badminton and after the training I’m very tired because my friend are really good at it and they play better and better :) . If I want to win, I have to run around the field all the time practicing my reflex. I have to quickly react and bounce an aileron where no one stands .

There are two ways of playing this game :a single and double game. The first of them is played by only two players and the second one by four. Every set is played until one of the players gains 21 points.

 I really like this game and I know that it isn’t good for everyone. But I recommend it to everybody. You can try playing it and give it up if  you come to the conclusion that it isn’t for you ;) .


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Spring ;)

Spring… Do you remember my post : „Spring is coming soon!” ? :) . After that post, winter showed its strength once again. Fortunatelly, now the good weather is back;). I hope for good……


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Mobile version of your blog ? :)

Recently, Somebody has asked me how to prepare a mobile version of a blog. And my answer isn’t anything more than what you have got to know so far : “It is complex and if you want to prepare it, you have to be good at IT.”.

I have to be honest and tell you that I have thought about it but I haven’t had enough time to search for more information about it. I think that everyone that has his own blog, wants to have its mobile version. It’s more comfortable and more available. It is accessible from everywhere on condition that  you’ve got a new  device such as : Tablet, iPhone, iPod or phone with an Internet connection. I have looked for information and I have found some interesting instructions (in Polish) with some helpful tips. Have a look :,10-porad-jak-zaprojektowac-uzyteczna-aplikacje-mobilna

Sorry, that these instructions are in my native language but I haven’t found them In English… Mobile applications of „Co w trawie piszczy” is for the time being only a dream. But you have to know that I will keep on searching for more information and write posts when I get something more.


inventory control system : I can’t help You because I’m incompetent. You gave me a reason to think about. Your question proves that you’re very ingenious and you want to develop. I think that you still expand your horizons. I keep my fingers crossed !! Good luck! :) .

I wish I could help you but unfortunately I don’t know anything about mobile applications. I hope that this user will find an answer soon. If you want to ask me about something else, please write questions in comments :) . Maybe I will learn something new ?!. See you soon…


(If you know how to prepare mobile application, please write in comment :) )


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Facebook… 21st century addiction. These days almost everybody has an account on the most famous website in the world. It is unbelievable that only one webpage can offer such a number of various possibilities: you can watch films, pictures and websites that your friends like, talk with your classmates to fill your free time or ask about homework when you were absent at the school, tell your acquaintances about the events that have happend in your life or play games to spend your spare time in a more relaxing way. But you should bear in your mind that it’s only a website and you mustn’t spend many hours using it. If you stay in the cyberspace for too long, you might have problems with leading a real life.
Newspapers and TV often give examples of people that have fallen into a habit of overusing the Internet and generally speaking computers.   Of course it isn’t the only addiction possible!  Apart from addictions connected with Internet and computers, we often hear about other addictions such as alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking. The Internet addiction may sound innocent, however, it may cause as much harm as the ones  I’ve mentioned.  There are lots of examples in the Internet, everyone should look for them and realize the importance of this problem. People don’t know the consequences of the possible threat that the Internet poses and they forget to take adequate precautions.We need to realise that no peril will come to us if we stay alert. Moreover, if you want to stay safe and don’t fall into one of these habits remember that you should limit the time that you spend using the Internet. Once you fall a prey to the Internet, you can  use psychologists’ help and follow the rules that they widely proclaim to overcome your weakness.

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