What happened then…

Creative, enthusiastic and talented youth came to Warsaw from three different directions. Looking for inspiration and with intention to deepen their knowledge about the past, they were ready for what we have prepared FOR them in the project “Inspired by the memory”

Friday, 13.11.2015

To assure good atmosphere the project begins with integration workshops leaded by Karolina Giedrys – Majkut and Anna Szlęk. The trainers prepared several exercises to help teenagers get to know each other better. As it was seen later –classes did a great job.

“I think the atmosphere was great mainly because of the integration classes. The workshop facilitated further work and helped to break the ice between us.”

Grzegorz Żurek


SONY DSCLater on, participants have been listening to Maciej Podbielkowski’s lecture“Film as a historical source”. Starting with some theoretical introductions to the topic of critical film interpreting and analyzing the authenticity of the images showed on the screen contestants learned how to recognize and separate the truth and artistic creation in the movies. Right AFTER that parts of unique film were projected. Its exceptional quality arose from combing authentic visual materials, recorded from the times of Warsaw Uprising and partly fictitious soundtrack. The task was to interpretate the scenes. Where was the truth and where staging in those short scenes – the youth from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia did a great job and overlooked nothing.

“I became more interested in watching films and started focusing  on the interpretation of their  visual site.”

Patricia Rovná



Saturday, 14.11.2015 


The second day started with screenplay workshops. During over four hours of classes, teenagers got to know some basic theory such as  three act structures and concepts of conflict and failure. During Agnieszka Kruk’s lecture participants got many useful hints, for example: how to make a character or a story more interesting for the viewers. She also focused on more technical information such as skills of designing a storyline and formatting a screenplay.

The practical site of the workshop was what students found most interesting and inspiring. Challenging their creativity and imagination to make them create a story  in a very short time convinced them that there is no such thing as a bad idea – even the craziest one can lead us to the perfect solution.


SONY DSC“I was inspired by the scriptwriting exercises of for only  one minute – I didn’t realize how many ideas could be made up in such short  time! I came up with several good ideas which I’m going to realize in the future.”

Radosław Puchalski


Agnieszka Kruk showed methods of thinking and creating films which helped the teenagers believe in their possibilities and will be surely used in their future projects.


SONY DSCNext on, Maciej Prykowski and Piotr Gorszczyński were taking over the reins with their operator workshops. As usual it all started with some basic theory – this time about the light, frames and working with camera. Not long students have been waiting for putting their knowledge into practice – as a task they were supposed to make short interviews in Warsaw Film School. Afterwards, their work was projected and commented by our experts. It  was a great method of showing the common film mistakes.


“(…)not every day I have the opportunity to work under  the watchful eye of the experts.”

Radosław Puchalski


SONY DSC“Operator workshops  were the most inspiring because I had the opportunity to learn from mistakes of the others while filming short movies. A big plus for me was being an actress for the whole time – I really enjoyed it !”

Patricia Rovná





SONY DSCThe trainers focused on how to shoot an interview, how to plan your background and how to make a good use of light and frames.


“I liked the operator workshops best. They were lead in an interesting way and I learned a lot. I often act as an operator or editor  and I know that valuable hints given by Mr. Prykowski and Mr. Gorszczyński will help me create the materials better than ever before.”

Grzegorz Żurek


At the end of the day the organizers prepared a projection of a film “City 44” by Jan Komasa. The screening was enriched by the discussion afterwards. The film provoked many diverse reactions and emotions – from laughter to seriousness. The group of Poles, Czechs and Slovaks discussed the film and was trying  to understand the other’s feelings.



Sunday, 15.11.2015


SONY DSCThe last day of the conference in Warsaw started with second part of the operator workshops. The participants were realizing more short movies and analyzed them afterwards focusing on some new knowledge of film making. Students were hunting for the best frame and light in the school setting. The lack of professional equipment forced them to become more creative. Working in small groups taught them the role of the teamwork.


“I found operator workshops most useful because I gained the knowledge which I can make use of in my future projects or work.”

Wiktoria Wleklik



SONY DSCAt the very end Karolina Giedrys-Majkut and Anna Szlęk taught the group how to work using project method. It was a great closure and summary of what the participants have already learned. The stages of project method were presented step by step. Moreover, students and teachers were showed how to stimulate their imagination and creativity.



The conference was over. The participants gained some knowledge and abilities. What use of it will they make ? We will see the results by the end of the year when their films are going to be ready. But right now the best summary of these three days are the quotes of our students:


“Workshops motivated me for further actions.  I met a lot of interesting people who gave me lots of tips and inspired me. “

Wiktoria Wleklik


“I have to confess that I knew nothing about filmmaking before this conference so during the workshops I gained a lot of experience. Starting from learning what is important in the plot of the film, finishing with actually making part of the movie. Now it’s time to use this knowledge and make the best film ever!”

Patricia Rovná


“Workshops were a great experience for me – I learned a lot and certainly I would like to participate in classes like this again.”

Grzegorz Żurek


Text and photos: Weronika Pala

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